How will guitars sound in the future?

The American Rachika Nayar explores the boundaries of guitar sounds and electronic music. In 2021 Nayar put herself on the map with her album Our Hands Against the Dusk, featuring very distinctive, inventive guitar sounds. Pitchfork dubbed her second album Heaven Come Crashing (2022) rightfully as Best New Music. It offers a different yet also special sound. Her songs are rich stories which you want to listen to over and over again owing to their different sound layers. At Explore the North her show offers matching big screen visuals. This complete package of musical beauty will plunge you into a euphoric and warming world.

‘’The Brooklyn composer injects the ambient wash of her past work with flashes of dancefloor emotionality, striking a balance between reflective contemplation and the ego-melting thrills of a warehouse party.’’ - Pitchfork