Tranquil music will still you in the Waalse Kerk

‘For nearly five minutes, the undulating tones of Tolls have you floating in a bobbing boat somewhere in the vicinity of the Wadden Islands, where the guitar music glistens in the waves and the vocals drift over your body like a breeze’, wrote The Daily Indie about the single ‘7 Knopen’ released this summer. That’s not such a strange description, since singer-songwriter Daan van Beijeren (Tolls) was born on a houseboat and experienced the motion of open water from an early age, which is reflected in his tranquil music full of indie and pop influences. As a ‘Studio Oerol’ act, Tolls was given the opportunity to record his record on Terschelling. We are proud he will be presenting his debut album Blijf Je Koel at Explore the North. Be stilled by his tranquil music in the beautiful Waalse Kerk.

‘With just a few lines of melody and his evocative voice, this Amsterdam musician manages to conjure up a glow to surround you.’ – The Daily Indie