Photo: Henk Veenstra

Poëtry and glowing saxophones

Commissioned by the Poetry International Festival the Frisian writer Nyk de Vries and the Artvark Saxophone Quartet created the poetic musical performance ‘Tagelyk’. It’s a mosaic of characters and events, linking the once rather dodgy peninsula of Katendrecht to the equally ‘suspect’ Frisian village of De Westereen, where Nyk de Vries’s mother comes from. The performance is bilingual, alternating between Frisian and Dutch (the Frisian part is translated via surtitles).

“Kinne wy de nuance sykje? De ferbining? Kinne wy sûnder oer ús hinne rinne te litten ta in oplossing komme? Kinne wy foarby ús eigen tinkwize komme?” - Nyk de Vries.

“Can we find the right nuance here? The connection? Can we find a solution without losing ourself? Can we think outside our own box?” - Nyk de Vries.