Plant is the new album by singer-songwriter Nynke Laverman, part of the multidisciplinary Plant project, including a podcast and theatre performance. Plant is an emphatic album, mixing lyrical songs, spoken word and danceable tracks in Frisian and in English. Piano felt, electronic beats and analogue synthesizers form the sonic world Nynke Laverman’s voice is embedded in.

In November Laverman decided for a slow album release due to the coronavirus pandemic: every month a track is released together with a podcast, in which she interviews philosophers, artists and scientists who inspire her in light of the theme of Plant. At a later stage, there will also be a Plant theatrical performance.

Plant is a hopeful protest addressing our troubled relationship with Earth, upending our way of thinking. The slow release will end on 17 September, when the album will be released on vinyl and CD. The live album release will take place on 17 and 18 September as part of Explore the North’s The Summer Sessions.

Explore the North is a co-producer of the Plant project.

Times and other information
Fri 17 Sept | 8:30PM > you can also book your dinner ticket in De Westerkerk for this day
Sat 18 Sept | 8:30PM
Westerkerk | Price: €15 | Language: Frisiand and English

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About Nynke Laverman

Nynke Laverman is a singer, songwriter and spoken word artist. She questions life, never sparing herself. Nynke creates poetic, surreal worlds, often involving acoustic instruments and temporal texts. She enjoys finding inspiration in travel, with influences from elsewhere echoing in her music. To date, Nynke has released seven albums along with eponymous theatrical productions, like her latest, Plant. She has received numerous awards for her music, including an Edison for Nomade.

In 2018, Laverman opened the Leeuwarden-Fryslân European Capital of Culture and developed One of Us, a short film/video art projection, together with others. In 2020-2021, the slow album release of Nynke Laverman’s album Plant and its related podcast took place.