Boudewijn De Groot’s album ‘Nacht en Ontij’ – recorded in 1968 and released in early 1969 – will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018. ‘Nacht en Ontij’ (ungodly hours) is De Groot's fourth album, and to this day is considered a mysterious outsider in his oeuvre. Its experimental nature and the remarkable lyrics, combined with avant-garde recording techniques, took many fans aback at the time. Yet over the years ‘Nacht en Ontij’ has evolved into a cult record treasured by many, while still managing to keep some of its secrets.

Mauro Pawlowski recently founded the Braaknoot Ensemble with a few blood-gurgling shamans to once again breathe life into ‘Nacht en Ontij’, accompanying it with a fitting voodoo ritual.