So who are the people playing in an orchestra?

The North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (NNO) is one of the largest and most famous symphony orchestras in the Netherlands. The orchestra musicians come from all over the world. The NNO musicians boast fifteen different nationalities and the same number of languages. While usually the aim is to create harmony between these musicians, in Solo the focus is on the individual. Because who are these people playing in an orchestra, actually? Why did they choose music as a profession and their specific instrument? Which hardships did they endure to become so proficient (or was it a breeze), and how did they end up in the northern Netherlands? Musicians from Japan, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom will be setting aside their instruments for part of the time, each telling their personal stories in a brief solo written by three talented young writers and directed by theatre makers from the Leeuwarden Skoft&Skiep theatre company.

Solo is a project brought by Lân fan taal, Explore the North and the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (NNO)

In collaboration with Skoft&Skiep, Station Noord, Oerol, Tryater, De Nieuwe Oost | Wintertuin and Grand Theatre Groningen.

As well as being performed at Explore the North, this summer Solo will be touring various festivals.

This programm will be in Dutch

Regie: Aukje Schaafsma, Karel Hermans, Tatiana Pratley (Skoft&Skiep)
Tekst: Lowie van Oors, Jante Wortel, Nikki Dekker
Spel: Kumi Kondo, Katharina Saerberg, Manuel Davila Ares, Eva Vennekens, Stephan Kirschbaum, Florian Schneidt, Hugo Berreni, Isabel Vaz, David Tyler
Productie: Nynke Oele
Concept: Lân fan taal, Explore the North en Noord Nederlands Orkest
In samenwerking met: Station Noord, Oerol, Tryater, De Nieuwe Oost | Wintertuin en Grand Theatre Groningen