Writers no longer are lonely souls sharpening their quills in their garret abodes. Friesland has a strong tradition in literary non-fiction, with the history of humankind and landscape playing a major role. Together, three generations of Frisian writers reflect on their responsibility as a writer in recording such matters.

Frisian writers Durk van der Ploeg (b. 1930), Tialda Hoogeveen (b. 1974) and Anne-Goaitske Breteler (b. 1996) will be participating.


Durk van der Ploeg (b. 1930) was formerly employed as an editor. He published his first novel in 1968. He has also written other novels, as well as stories, poetry and essays, and was awarded the Gysbert Japicx Prize in 2011.

Tialda Hoogeveen (b. 1974) writes non-fiction work, including for children, poetry and stories. In 2020 her popular non-fiction book entitled De geur van hooi (The Smell of Hay) was published, along with her first Frisian young adult book Wurden fan Timo (as part of a reading promotion project called LêsNo). Tialda is currently chief editor at De Moanne magazine, while also writing for the Dutch bird protection charity (Vogelbescherming).

Anne-Goaitske Breteler (b. 1996) grew up at the foot of the sea dyke in Friesland. After completing degrees in cultural anthropology and public history in Amsterdam, she returned to her native soil. In 2018, her first non-fiction work, entitled De traanjagers (The Tear Hunters) was published by Uitgeverij AUP, with her first Frisian children's book, In nuvere nacht, appearing in 2020. She writes columns and editorial pieces, gives lectures for young and old and also curates exhibitions. She is currently working on a new non-fiction work which is scheduled to be published by Prometheus. All her work revolves around the relations between cities and rural areas.