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Explore the North 2018




With Slumberland, musician and film maker Jochem Baelus (ex Echo Beatty) shows us that things can be done differently. Hairdryers with harmonicas, misshapen knitting needles, Super 8 projectors and an assembly of drum computers and sewing machines are all put to service, enriched with the gritty, raw guitar of Baelus.

Slumberland takes the concept of ‘live performance’ to new levels with its two drummers: Frederik Meulyzer (known from Hamster Axis of the One-Click Panther) and Alfredo Bravo (known from Flying Horseman). The band manages to find fascinating new ground with a sound somewhere between Swans and Suicide. Let yourself be overwhelmed by this exceptional, striking voice and the dark repetitive sound: get hypnotised!

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