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Explore the North 2017


Alphabet project by de Moanne | 16 - 26 november

Alphabet project by de Moanne | 16 - 26 november
Eestroom (ship), Emmakade N.Z. 16–26 November

Letters. Although they form the basis of our daily communication, we often pass them by without a thought. In the Alphabet Project the letters of the alphabet, as we have known them from our earliest days, are presented to us anew, as individuals. Some 21 artists will give their own artistic twist to the 21 letters of the Frisian alphabet. The project will lend insight into the curious nature of the Frisian language. The initiative for the project was taken by De Moanne. They will be showing what is going on in and around the province of Friesland, and will be providing a podium for contemporary and reflective contributions on culture and the arts. The Alphabet Project can be viewed in the Eestrom, a cargo ship which was originally built for the Belgian and French canals. The ship measures 40 metres in length and has been remodelled, currently serving as exhibition space. The Alphabet Project is part of Lân fan taal.